November 9 2013

Florida Aikikai 2013 Winter Seminar

I must admit that  I dropped the ball in not posting all of my Winter Seminar Experience. I will have to go back over my notes and provide detail. I posted some pictures below. The pictures don’t necessarily correspond to the words I wrote. For instance, there are no pictures of Shibata Sensei or Berthiaume Sensei.

There is a picture of Bernath Sensei teaching class. And a picture of the Aikido Technical committee grading a test. If you look real close, you can see me in the mirror taking the picture. I also posted a picture of the kamize.

But, I can assure you of this, it was awesome.Florida Aikikai Winter Seminar 2013 kamiza Aikido Winter Seminar 2013 Technical Committee 1109131825[1] 1109131824[1]

I attended the last two classes of yesterday’s seminar. Unfortunately, I could not make the full day schedule.  I took Shibata Sensei and Berthiaume Sensei’s classes.

Shibata Sensei is one impressive guy. I swear every time I see him he moves faster, quicker and more powerful. Time is not slowing him down.


Shibata Sensei was doing some great kokyu nage moves. He makes it look so easy and effortless. I also noticed that he moves in a spiral not unlike how O Sensei moves. Everything about Shibata Sensei was a spiral. Amazing.


Sensei Berthiaume was showing some awesome shihonage work. He was doing this one thing where you rotate/spiral the attacker’s hand and it makes his whole body move.  was working out wiht Eliott Snsei from Miami Aikikai on this move and it was impressive. He was moving my whole body from hand down through the opposite foot just by spiraling/rotating my hand. Nice stuff.



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