September 15 2018

Prairie Lakes Wellness Center

Finally getting settled here in Watertown SD. It’s a beautiful up place.

I had to change my conditioning routine slightly as all of my gear is in storage. We are currently living  in a small apartment. There is no room for a Weider Power Tower and a Concept2 rower.

Right down the street is the Prairie Lakes Wellness Center. It’s a great facility with about every piece of equipment you can think of.

My new routine is as follows;

  1. 15 squats
  2. 5 pull ups
  3. 5 Fat Gripz pull ups
  4. 5 hanging leg raises
  5. 5 Fat Gripz hanging leg raises
  6. 15 Fat Gripz push ups
  7. 10 Power Tower leg lifts
  8. 6 Fat Gripz dips
  9. 5 minutes on the Concept2 rowing machine (hitting 1000 meters)

I do two circuits and try to do it at 5 a.m. But that hasn’t been happening, so I have been flexible on the times I go.

The workout is substantially the same as what I have been doing. The only big change was adding in the rower. I used to do the rower on my down days. But no more.

They have a sauna but I have only used it once. Big room and doesn’t seem to get as hot as my garage sauna. They also have a steam room and whirlpool. I haven’t tried either yet but will be.

Shotokan Karate is on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I will be checking that out. It’s a move in the opposite direction from what I have been training because its such a hard style. But I will check it out anyway.

South Dakota. It’s all good.

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