March 1 2014

Dan Harden Seminar January 31-February 3, 2014 in Boca Raton FL

DH Seminar 2-2-14(2)Again, I must admit that I dropped the ball in posting my thoughts and experiences for this particular Dan Harden Seminar. A late post, but here goes.

The more seminars I take from Dan, the more I get out of it. I have attended a few of his classes. But with each one, I experience a new level of understanding about what he is teaching. For instance, spiraling used to confound me. Every time I worked on it, it felt like all I was doing was stretching. (A great stretch by the way.)

Now though, I can feel the spiral working through my system. And its a feeling that the spiral is infused into the musculature such that a I can feel sublime energy working its way from the inside out. Essentially, generating internal power to drive the physical structure.

I would have no way of identifying this properly if not for the continual training with Dan and the reaffirmation of his teachings. Browbeat comes to mind. And I say this with all due respect. If you take a Dan Harden seminar you will understand. He’s got a great way of teaching.

One of the things I took away this time was Training, Timing and Distance. This is how I remember it; training to be soft, timing to engage your opponent and distance in order to activate the other two. If you are too distant from your opponent, then training and timing are moot as it applies to engagement. On the other hand, if your distance is too close, then you have to activate your softness and time yourself to your opponent’s attack.

Easier said than done. Believe me. My constant issue is not being soft. I carry my shoulders high and muscles tense. Can’t help it. They have actually nick named me “gorilla hands” among other things, which I can’t repeat here in polite society. All good though. It builds camaraderie.

Right or wrong, this is what I took away this time and how I continue to process it.

One more thing. We have formulated a great training group. We might not look like much, but that’s a good thing. You won’t see it coming.

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  1. By ady on

    what exactly is Spiraling ? would you mind describing.. thanks in advance


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