July 20 2019

Rucking with Bolt

Irish Terrier

Lots of strength training going on. My workouts have changed from my last posting. The biggest change is that I have not worked out at the Wellness Center since May or so and have added rucking as a staple.

I haven’t posted about any martial arts in a while because I haven’t been been training with anyone or been to a seminar. The last seminar I attended was on September 30, 2017. That was a Dan Harden seminar. I never posted my notes from it either. Ouch! I guess I should do that at some point.

I started daily rucking in earnest around January 2019 when I was researching ways to maximize my morning walks with Bolt, my Irish Terrier. It’s been an awesome addition.

The initial equipment I used was an old Nike back pack and a 25lb weight I bough at Walmart. This set up didn’t last long because the weight rode down too far in the back pack and was throwing my back out.

Plus, the back pack was quickly falling apart. It was not made for that kind of weight or for this type of activity.

I bought a Rucker 20L with a 30lb ruck plate, from Go Ruck. It was a fantastic purchase. The Rucker is built to carry the plate securely and high on your back. It doesn’t hit against my lower vertebrae anymore causing sciatica.

The workout is fairly simple, but highly effective. I strap on the ruck and walk three miles or so with Bolt.

While praying my Rosary as we walk, between each decade of the Rosary, I alternate between 10 ass to grass squats and 10 nose to the ground push ups. For a total of 40 each. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but the extra 30lbs on my back makes an impact.

The effects have been a stretching out of my hip flexors and muscle gain in my shoulders, back, thighs and calves. I plan on adding to this a daily Weider Power Tower workout with the ruck on. I can’t wait to see what happens with this routine.

Peace out.

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