February 25 2013

Joe Brogna & Dmitri Deglas Diatoryu Aikijutsu Seminar


Just spent yesterday and today working out with a bunch of hard core Daitoryu people. It was a great time. Worked on lots of essentials. This group might not look like much, but they are good an committed to what they do. I am the fat guy on the far left. 

Daitoryu’s subtle power never ceases to amaze me. I used to hold the misconception that it was a brutal and severe martial art that focused on inflicting the most harm possible on an aggressor, which is why I first started it.

Since I began my study, in earnest, a short year ago, I have found out quite differently.

Daitoryu actually operates by kuzuchi on contact. Offset your opponent by upsetting his balance through softness. If he is hard, go soft. If he goes harder, go softer.

I don’t mean go limp. But activate your whole body as a total element instead of just one part. For instance, don’t jsut flex and have your energy stop at your arms and shoulders when a person grabs your wrist. Lower your shoulders, accept the grab, and move your body from your center. As Joe Sensei says, “corkscrew”. Yea, he’s right.

In the softness you find your opponent’s instability. If he is hard on one point, you go around that point and and get in on him. 

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