June 25 2012

Howard Popkin &Joe Brogna Daitoryu Aikijutsu Seminar

2012-06-25 Daito Ryu seminar

I was just given the profound opportunity to attend a weekend long Daitoryu Aikijujutsu seminar taught by Sensei Howard Popkin and Sensei Joe Bragna of Daitoryu Aikijutsu Ginjukai. The seminar took place at Randall Smith’s Aikido of Palm Beach County.

Daitoryu is a brand new practice for me. I have heard about it over the last few years from a few people at my dojo, Florida Aikikai. But no one told me that it was like Aikido on steroids.

I think this was the piece I was missing and did not know it.

I have been practicing aikido for many years now under Sensei Peter Bernath at Florida Aikikai. I will never stop practicing Aikido.

Having come from a more violent martial arts background, I always longed for a return to it or at least a deeper connection to that aspect of my personality. I have always yearned to give my Aikido that other element that was always present when I was practicing more brutal martial arts.

I love Aikido. But in my practice, I have toned down my martial spirit. I have not given it full expression.

Over the last eighteen months, I was introduced to a martial artist, Dan Harden, who focuses on internal strength building. Or I believe more accurately defined as, muscle memory deconstruction.  (My term for what he does.)

I have pretty consistently been following his course of study. I believe it’s beneficial and applicable to Aikido. I just haven’t been able to fully integrate his techniques and understandings into my Aikido in a coherent way, until now.

I believe that I have found the convergence point for the two; Aikido and internal strength. It’s Daitoryu.

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