January 31 2015

Florida Women’s Instructors Aikido Seminar 1/17/2015

20150117_122436I attended the Florida Women’s Instructors Seminar on 1/17/2015 and I think this picture says it all. Look at the beaming smiles!

It was a great seminar. And the most amazing thing to me was the level of “martial” that was present in the teachings.

Dare I say it, but I thought there was a higher level of martial spirit in this seminar than in any seminar I have attended in a long time. Three words; women warriors rock!

Sensei Penny did a real nice approach using groups of three in order to increase awareness and keep the intensity up. She did a lot of utemi work along with going into the opponent’s center for effective unbalancing. Stealing the center.

Sensei Weewow taught an informative class. I was quietly amazed at how she was teaching Dan Harden concepts. I didn’t think she followed Dan. The strength is that the concepts she was teaching are universal.2015-01-17 Florida Women Instructors Seminar

Sensei Seabolt was extremely martial. I loved it. She did a lot of take down moves such as the opponent coming at you with a tsuki. Her response was to move off center, going down to a knee and helping the aggressor to follow the force of his punch, ultimately winding up in a heap on the mat. She did it with great fervor.

Sensei Boccolucci taught her first seminar. If she had never mentioned that, no one ever would have known this was her first. She was flawless and in keeping with showing that women are brutal. She did a great class that focused on basics. After she was done showing her technique, she would say, “get back to work!” Which I think summed up the seminar.

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