November 19 2014

Florida Aikikai 2014 Winter Seminar November 7 – 9 2014

aikido waveAnother excellent seminar. However, I must admit that I had the flu and only worked out on Saturday. I also did not get any pictures this year. I was out of it.

I attended Yamada sensei and Shibata sensei’s classes. Those two were the only two Japanese shihan in attendance.

I am always amazed with Shibata sensei. Either I see things differently now or  Shibata sensei was doing moves that were akin to daito ryu and pulling silk.

For instance, he would draw his attacker in and use that energy to off balance his attacker and then drop him. Using that energy from the attacker opened up a bunch of different points in which to exploit the attackers balance. Instant kazuchi.

I also noticed that Shibata sensei used the quiet space between movements in order to get the feel of the attacker; to keep connected. Its as if he is engaging the etheric body and the energy tendrils.

Your attacker puts out so much energy in his attack that if you slow down and move amongst the breath, the wind from the attack, you can get deep inside that person.This is something I have been trying to learn and apply. He does it. I emulate it.

A sad note, on Sunday, Shibata sensei said he would not be doing anymore seminars. He said he would not be traveling.

I guess I will have to make a pilgrimage to his dojo.

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