March 11 2018

Nutrition & Supplements

I am adding this page for a number of reasons, but most specifically, to inform others about how to fill in their nutritional gaps. I definitely needed lots of work in this area and am going to tell you about it.

I was looking for something to help with the aches and pains from years of training. I used to be able to work through it. But some stuff just hurts and won’t go away as quick as it used to.

A buddy of mine introduced me to a turmeric product that would help reduce inflammation. I tried it for 30 days, at his insistence, but now use it often to treat my body aches.

In fact, it worked so well for me that I now sell it as a network marketer. Yup. Network marketing.

The product is called Renew and is made by a company called Vasayo.  I started taking Renew back in September 2017.

Since then, I have incorporated the Vasayo family of products into my lifestyle. The results have been phenomenal.

On a daily basis, I take what I call the “trifecta” of health. It is comprised of V Slim, a weight management product, V3, an energy enhancement product and Core Complete, a superfood, multivitamin and mineral complex. I feel great as a result of this new daily regimen.

There are two more products that I did not mention above. Here’s a quick run down of them.

The Sleep product puts me to sleep within twenty minutes of taking it. And the rest I get is a deep dreamed filled sleep. I wake up refreshed and ready to go.

The Neuro helps me increase focus and has dissipated the brain fog I get from reading and writing all day. I am a lawyer by trade. I take this as a daily supplement along with the “trifecta”.

I can only tell you my personal experiences with these products and I have tried all of them. They work incredibly well and continue to do so.

I can’t rave about them enough. Once you give it a go you will know why I promote Vasayo products.